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Implementing a Sustainable Seafood Program

For those in the restaurant industry, adding yet one more item to your “to-do” list can seem
overwhelming if not impossible. Nevertheless, something has prompted you to consider
the possibility of offering sustainable seafood. It could be your growing awareness that
the marine life in the vastness of the oceans is not as limitless as once perceived. It could
also be because of the increasing number of customers who want to know where and how
their food is sourced. Newer generations are driven by a desire to live in such a way that
supports both the environment as well as the businesses that are “sustainably” conscious.

As you’ll come to realize from the information we share here, offering sustainable seafood
is an important part of that equation. Fortunately, implementing such a program is not as
hard as it sounds. Many restaurants can begin the transfer to an environmentally conscious
menu in as little as two weeks (depending on existing contractual or inventory commitments).
The step-by-step process detailed here includes sources, cost, and resources to
help you make the switch. So let’s take a look at just what sustainable seafood means and
why it is important to you and your customers as well as to the generations that will follow.

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