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Incentive Programs to Motivate Your Staff

Customers often make a decision within the first few minutes after entering your
restaurant. You can see it on their faces as their senses take in the ambiance. If the
employees are genuinely happy, there’s a sense of camaraderie, the sound of laughter
reverberates from the kitchen and they, as a guest, feel included in this festive and
ease-producing atmosphere, you may have just made a lifelong patron. They leave
feeling a little lighter and think about making this their Friday night gathering spot.

Compare this to the establishment they tried
last week—the one with the distracted host, the
grumpy server, and the sound of angry words
echoing from the kitchen. Yes, the one they
promised themselves they would remember to
never grace with their presence again.

Why does one business overflow with joie de
vivre while the other appears filled with the
downtrodden? Is it bad hiring? Improper training
procedures? Management that just doesn’t care?
While these may play a part in restaurants going
awry, there’s one factor that leads to both better
training and a responsive staff: motivation.

Incentive Programs to Motivate Your Staff

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