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The Risks of Making Bad Real Estate Decisions: How to Mitigate these Risks Using Data Science

A successful restaurant not only retains their profits and customers, but continually seeks new frontiers. There are many ways to improve an existing operation — whether hopping on the hottest trends or maximizing technology use — but ultimately this “next frontier” may be just that: a new location.

There is a constellation of factors that can impact what type of new location will work best for your next business. While these variables may seem obvious to an already successful owner, the risks associated with site-selection and real estate are so extensive, prospective expanders may want to seek professional assistance before delving in.

Acutely offers an innovative approach to site-selection to mitigate these many risk factors. It’s a service that combines industry expertise with data science — In addition to offering detailed, customer-oriented projections, they emphasize actionable insights to tangibly improve your business.

Before “validating” your business with Acutely, let’s discuss those ominous risk factors that could negatively affect your restaurant.

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